Get Started

OTPless is not currently possible with PANDA / SNAKE consoles because no developer FIRM has the necessary properties.

For now, a DS flashcart is required!

Before starting, you may want to check your SD card for errors using H2testw (Windows), F3 (Linux), or F3X (Mac)!

Overview of steps

  • Install the 0_23_5 CIAs for your region / device
  • Downgrade the MSET application to 0_17_6 on 0_23_5
  • Use a DS flashcart to install an MSET rop for launching Decrypt9
  • Use a ctrtransfer to get to 0_15_20
  • Use a modified SafeA9LHInstaller to install arm9loaderhax and dump the OTP

Continue to 0_23_5 Install

For support, ask for help at #3dshacks on Rizon IRC or 3DS Hacking on Discord.
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